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Our Herd

As a small family farm, we have carefully chosen each horse to include in our herd. The same goes for our breeding program. Each horse we have raised has been exactly what we bred for in every single pairing. Watch for updates here as we sometimes have available horses and new foals!

CCF Late to the Party

2023 Bay Filly (EE Aa)

Strider's Major Deal x She's Something Special

Meet miss Magnolia, aka Maggie. She is a granddaughter of Magnum and her half siblings are already successful in the show ring. She's one of the sweetest and smartest foals we've had born on the farm. She wants to be around people all the time. She picks up all four hooves well, learning to lead well, even handles spray bottles well already. With her bloodlines she will make an incredible addition to our breeding program in the future. She is single bay, no red gene. She's already shown us how well she thinks through situations that are new to her. She's going to make a really nice mare. We lost her dam unexpectedly so we will be keeping her as a future broodmare for our herd. 


Price: NFS

PS23-25-0217 copy.jpg

Something Wicked

2019 Bay Mare, 15hh

Strider's Major Deal x Silent Knight's Grace


Miss Baylee had an outstanding first year in the ring, even earning her first RMHA High Point Award. She was the 2023 RMHA Ladies Show Pleasure High Point Champion. 2024 is looking like it will be an even better year for this gorgeous bay mare. 

In Loving Memory- She's Something Special

2006- 11/05/2023

Magnum x Sundown Special

Sassy was added to our herd last summer to be a perfect match for our stallion, Jasper. She had a beautiful bay filly this year by Strider's Major Deal and was back in foal to Jasper when we lost her and the unborn foal unexpectedly. We are absolutely heartbroken for this huge loss on our farm. Sassy was a great mare in so many ways and we are deeply saddened we did not get more time with her. 


Toby Thunder

1995 Red Chocolate Mare, 14.3 Hands

Thomas Thunder x Lucky (Smith's Ginger)

We were so blessed to get this mare. God always has a plan, and it truly worked out for her to come into our lives at just the right time. Toby has been a broodmare most of her life and has produced outstanding broodmares including our beloved Hershey's Marilyn Monroe. We are so glad to have the chance to produce those same lines again even though Marilyn will never be replaced. Toby has her forever home here with us. She has produced outstanding foal after outstanding foal. She is now retired and enjoying pasture life with Fancy after producing another great cross.

Fancy Pants

1993 Chocolate Mare, 15.3 Hands

Rocky II x Emma's Suzy Lady

Fancy is the first Rocky we ever purchased and she certainly got us hooked. We bought her in 1996 and had high hopes as she was the '93 Weanling Champion. Fancy taught Myranda several lessons in their years together and vice versa. From show ring, to trails, to playing at home, and being a broodmare, we are so lucky to have a fabulous mare like her. She has had two foals, CD's Next Generation and CCF Fancys Skyfall. She is now retired from everything and has a forever home here on the farm.


In Loving Memory- Copper Bullet

1995-Feb. 8, 2014

If anyone ever wonders if Myranda has a favorite horse (because she definitely loves them all), this would be him. Copper and Myranda found an instant bond the moment they met and we knew we had to have him. From this photo you wouldn't think he was a fierce Park horse winning many classes in his day. He loved the show ring and you could see it every time he entered. However, he had one problem- he found the trail walk a waste of his time. After retiring from the ring, Copper got to spend his time teaching all the young horses some manners after they get weaned. "Uncle Copper" wasn't always as fond of the foals as they were of him- because he would much rather be spending time with his human.

We cannot believe that he has left us so soon after our dear Marilyn. He was a favorite of everyone in the family, including Papaw Langley because he knew how much joy Copper gave Myranda. He's not gone forever, instead he is leading the heavenly horses waiting to see his person again.

In Loving Memory- Hershey's Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn will always hold the most special place in our hearts. This was written by Myranda the day we found out she had passed:

There are no words for how I feel right now. Hershey's Marilyn Monroe has passed away. The years I was blessed to spend with her will never be topped by any other horse. I'm so thankful to have ever owned a truly one in a million horse like her. And I'm that much more thankful to be blessed with two beautiful colts out of her, I own her mother, and have as close to a full brother to her as I can ever have. God sure gained a beautiful addition to his heavenly heard.

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