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Meet all the current breeding stallions we stand on our farm as well as our hand-picked mares, just right for our breeding program. We raised our stallions from our original line of show and breeding horses. Now it's their turn to produce our next generation on the farm. We are very pleased with what our horses have produced thus far and cannot wait to see what they continue to produce in the future.


2009, 15hh, EE ZZ

Chocolot x Hershey's Marilyn Monroe

"Jasper" has taken the show ring by storm and excelling due to his looks and exceptional gait. His smoothness, quiet nature, and willing attitude has made him a favorite trail mount for Myranda. He has a flashy trail gait and bright mane and tail which has won him several blues in his first few show seasons, including the 2015 World Grand Championship Trail Pleasure. Jasper is homozygous for the silver dapple gene meaning he will always throw this gene when bred.


Stud Fee (includes first AI collection fee, not shipping): $1200 LFG

AI available for both US and Canada as well as live cover

ME23-0909-02 copy.jpg

15.1hh, Ee Aa nZ

Unreal x Hershey's Marilyn Monroe

Unleashed is the second and last offspring of Marilyn Monroe. We absolutely love this horse. He's the definition of the mountain horse temperament in every way. He goes from trail to rail and back again like it's just another day with his favorite people. He handles anything you throw at him with ease from giant toys to riding in a war bridle. Everyone knows him as Mr. Personality. He has several wins under his belt in the show ring and has carried many riders down the trail. Who knows where you might see him in the future.

Stud Fee (includes first collection, not shipping): $1000LFG

AI Only

PS23-32-050 copy.jpg

Something Wicked

15hh, EE Aa

Strider's Major Deal x Silent Knight's Grace

Baylee has exceeded our expectations in her first show season under saddle. We are looking forward to a 2024 season with her and breeding her in the future.

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