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Red Carpet Review- A little summary of the 2022 RMHA International

This International was a show of firsts for us. Some negatives and some positives but we will choose to focus on the positives. While the ribbons weren't what we hoped (or absent altogether), Myranda and the horses had a wonderful week nonetheless. The theme this year was a "Red Carpet Affair" and Myranda went to work transforming the stalls into "Rockywood" for the week. With a red carpet that ran the length of the stalls and a popcorn machine to boot, we all enjoyed the team effort put into the decorations, even if they didn't win.

CCF Special Forces brought home a 3rd of 14 in a tough conformation class and then rode his heart out four classes, gaiting perfectly only to leave without a single placing under saddle. CCF Unleashed had similar results under saddle despite two excellent rides as well.

Something Wicked debuted with her first two classes ever. This girl stole the show for sure. She got a placing 5th of 5 in her first class, alongside more experienced horses, learning as she went around the ring. She went back in the 3yr old Show Pleasure Championship and got 3rd out of a bunch of talented horses, with a 2nd place tie! This girl has a bright future ahead of her and we are thrilled. A big highlight was getting a photo of Baylee with Myranda, her former owner Lori, and her breeder JD Burke (shown at the top of this post). This was such a meaningful photo for all of us.

Despite the lack of ribbons, loads of laughs were had and memories made. At the end of the day that is what we will all remember at the end anyway. The horses all rode exceptionally. Watch out 2023, the Copper Creek horses are coming for ya!

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